Play it safe: Inspection and test procedures by Stamm.

Our QM system complies with DIN-ISO 9001:2015 and ensures a complete process supervision and control from the purchasing of feedstock up to the processing of the final product. Most modern testing equipment is used to monitor quality characteristics so as to fulfil the high product requirements agreed with the customer.

Mechanical-technological and physical test procedures:

control of dimensional tolerances during the production process by means of integrated laser measuring devices; tensile tests in order to ascertain various characteristics like yield strength, tensile strength, elastic and plastic elongation, fracture elongation, total elongation, module of elasticity; bending tests; determination of the electrical resistance; coating thickness measurements

Chemical procedures like:

analysis of all chemical elements with qualitative and quantitative evaluation by means of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer; separate measuring devices are available for determination of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen; micro-analyses by means of SEM (scanning electron microscope).

Metallographic procedures like:

microstructural and grain size examinations, examinations and analyses of the surface by stereomicroscope, camera light microscope or scanning electron microscope. Upon request, our examination and test results can be documented in various forms. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of external examinations to our customers.